IS YOUR FACILITY TIRED, NEGLECTED, AND IN NEED OF RESTORATION? Revolution’s restoration works can bring your facility back to life & in line with current safety standards. Concrete skate parks require periodic maintenance; to some this is new information as they were under the impression that concrete skate parks are maintenance free. Restoration works & basic maintenance can prolong the life expectancy of your skate park/youth facility.

Some of the existing skate facilities in Australia today date back to the late 1970’s, with the majority having started to be built in the 1990’s. Some of these ideally require replacing, however due to some council’s budgetary requirements or restrictions often an appropriate update can suffice.

Whether the works required are a result of age deterioration, vandalism or just poor design, we can reinstate the facility back to – or most probably beyond – it’s original state.

Some facilities have a lot of history behind them and can still retain value amongst the skate community, therefore some simple maintenance, restoration, and even the addition of new features can give the facility a new lease on life. This creates a refurbished facility for the community whilst keeping the treasured history of the origianl park still intact. It can also be a more economically viable way for councils with smaller budgets.

Plus, the majority of these earlier facilities don’t comply with current building or safety codes. We can modify these facilities appropriately to comply with the current standards, so as to keep council up to date with OH & S and relevant safety codes where they are legally required to comply.

Elements of skate parks where repair issues exist:
• Concrete cracks
• Worn out surface textures
• Damaged coping, rails, ledges
• Currently non-compliant safety railings

Potential restoration projects:
• Addition of new sections
• Resurfacing worn and/or damaged surfaces
• Modifying poorly designed sections
• Replacement of damaged coping, rails & ledges
• Replacing safety handrails to comply with current building codes

Revolution ASC works with specialist suppliers of concrete repair & sealant products that we use in our restoration works. With modern techniques & products on the market we can confidently repair & reinstate the condition of the facility to the current finish standards & requirements of the skateboarder of today!