Corporate & Marketing

In this content and event world, being able to develop a unique proposition is essential for many brands and companies.

Sometimes companies dream up impossible dreams that have to be brought to reality.

On a budget. With a tight deadline.

Some of Revolution ASCs most exciting and rewarding jobs have been working as a core part of a marketing/TV production or event team to deliver a specialist job for a brand.

Like any consultant, we prefer to be involved with a project in its infancy of development but are able to bring concepts to life after they have been approved.

Revolution ASC is able to scope out and turn the dream of a world record-breaking stunt into reality. We can negotiate and deliver some of the most premium venues to accept and host some of the most unique events.

We are able to work on TV commercials, TV/Movie shoots for stunt and action sports sequences, bespoke events, athlete services, choreographed shows, PR stunts.

Services available but not limited to:

• Concept & budget development
• Event venue negotiation & management
• Venue and site recces
• Athlete recommendations & hiring services
• TV commercial / program/ film sets & structures
• Stunt/Action co-ordination
• Custom Event Structures
• Event Management

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